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The U.S. is the only country that has not moved over to be EMV compliant (the processing of chip-and-pin cards).

Our #1 goal is to help your business to become compliant with the latest credit card processing terminals and to obtain the best rates possible. We are able to do this because iMD is a Tier 1 processor, not a reseller.

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Richard Dover

Richard Dover
iMerchant Direct
Regional Account Manager

As a Regional Account Manager for iMerchant Direct, I would like to introduce you to iMerchant Direct (IMD). IMD is a leader in the credit card processing industry. IMD is a Tier 1 processor. which means we are not a reseller and thus when you process your credit cards through IMD you are bypassing the middle man. This allows you to process your credit cards at a lower rate and thus have more net profit for your business.

For IMD to maintain its Tier 1 status we must provide excellent customer service. We accomplish this by providing customer service 24/7, making customer resolution a priority, and offering cutting edge technology.

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I Have Some Bad News For You

  • By Oct 1, 2015 all merchants must have EMV compliant credit card processing terminals or they will be responsible for fraudulent purchases, If your terminal was manufactured prior to July 1, 2014 it most likely is not compliant.

  • Your company most likely is paying higher merchant account processing fees because of outdated terminals not processing cards properly and because most likely there is at least one middle man involved in your card processing.

  • Most likely you are seeing rate increases at least once a year and possibly every six months.
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I Have Good News For You

My main responsibility as a Regional Account Manager for IMD is obtain the absolute lowest possible merchant fees for you as a business. Why? The more customers we can save money, the more volume of business we process which allows us to obtain the lowest rates possible as a Tier 1 processor. It is a Win-Win.

My second responsibility is to determine how we can get your company EMV/PCI compliant credit card terminals at the most affordable price. Many times the money we save you in your credit card processing fees actually covers the cost of the terminals. Plus we always provide upgrades of your equipment for free.

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Save Money on Credit Card Processing

roboicreturnWe review your most recent merchant account statement and do a detailed side by side comparison and show exactly how much money you are overpaying and how much your annual savings will be with IMD.
If we cannot beat your rate we will pay you $1,000. That's right we will give you $1,000 if we cannot beat your rate. But don't get too excited because we beat rates 99% of the time. But that is good news for you.

robotic return We review all of your processing terminals to make sure your terminals are processing cards properly and determine if you need EMV compliant readers.

cooltradeProvide you a detailed printout of all your costs, contract terms, etc so there are no surprises.

coolgtradeProvide you a 48 month rate guarantee. That's right IMD will lock in your rates for 4 years.

imerchantdirect FAQ Do you have some questions? Many of them will be answered at our FAQ Section, but you can always call RAM Richard Dover at 1-866-346-7186 Ext #2

Special Offer

Mention the following code and we will give you a $50 discount on your application fee. The application only occurs if you decide to have IMD as your credit card processor. Discount Code: WEB